Environmental Sustainability

For us, sustainability means working to protect our natural resources for future generations and using our magazine pages to bring environmental issues to our readers.

97% of the fiber used in our magazines globally comes from certified sources

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at Time Inc.

Using certified fiber means we aggressively meet targets for promoting sustainable forestry standards. Our other green initiatives include the following:

  • As the largest magazine publisher in the United States and as a leading publisher worldwide, spreading the word about sustainability in our editorial coverage is simply part of what we do. Our coverage is wide ranging, and our approach to the environment is the same as it is for coverage of any important topic. We present the facts and let our readers take it from there.
  • If business is to help solve the world’s biggest environmental problems and do so profitably, corporate executives, environmentalists and politicians will have to innovate and collaborate, think big and act boldly. Fortune’s Brainstorm E is built on the distinguished legacy of Brainstorm GREEN, long the premier conference on business, sustainability and green investing. It’s the optimal place to deliver fresh thinking, actionable solutions and unparalleled opportunities to build top-level relationships. Brainstorm E brings together the smartest people we know who are operating at the forefront of the convergence of technology, energy and sustainability, including CEOs and senior executives, investors, policy makers, environmentalists and thought leaders.
  • We actively promote sustainable forestry standards by requiring our paper suppliers to meet aggressive targets for the amount of certified fiber that is used in the production of our magazine paper. In 2015, 97 percent of fiber used in our magazines globally was chain-of-custody certified.
  • We actively partner with loggers, landowners, certification bodies and paper companies to promote the expansion of certified forests. As a founding partner, Time Inc. helped the Sustainable Forestry Initiative launch its Forest Partner program. Through 2015 the program had added 5.8 million acres to certified forests.
  • We use the power of our magazines to promote recycling through our advertising support of the Recycling Partnership. Through October 2016, our titles have provided a combined circulation of more than 5 million in targeted regional advertising space in support of the Recycled Partnership’s community-based recycling efforts.
  • Time Inc. conducts annual reviews of its paper suppliers’ environmental performance. We require our paper suppliers to use GreenBlue’s EPAT tool to report key environmental performance data, and we use that as the basis for our annual review.