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Working at Time Inc.

Time Inc. attracts a high caliber of talent with its culture of excellence, professional opportunity, competitive benefits, people development and company perks. As an employer we understand the importance of work-life balance and encourage employees to fulfill their goals in both their professional and personal lives.


Time Inc. provides best-in-class benefits plans, programs and resources that are cost relevant, inclusive and supportive.

These include:
  • Medical and Dental Plans, including coverage for family and same sex domestic partner
  • Life Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Spending Accounts and Transit Reimbursement Account
  • Competitive Retirement Program including 401(K)


Time Inc. is the largest magazine/multi-platform content publisher in the U.S. and U.K. and the third largest in Mexico. We understand the power of media, as well as our responsibility as an industry leader to represent the worlds we cover. Our goal is not only to provide premier branded content through the platforms that our diverse consumers demand, but also to identify, recruit, retain, and develop the top talent that resonates with the diverse marketplace.

We believe that diversity begins at “home.” Creating an inclusive work environment, where individuals are seen, heard and their ideas respected, is a critical building block to our business goals. Our affinity groups serve a vital resource that fosters community for our employees and honors the differences that make each individual unique.  Each organization operates as an open network for communication, learning, making connections, and mentorship and offers programming for professional and personal growth and community involvement.  The affinity groups at Time Inc. are:

Asian American Association of Time

A3 — Asian American Association of Time Inc.

GLBT employees and their partners, families, friends and co–workers

OUT@TIME–INC — GLBT employees and their partners, families, friends and co–workers

Black Employees at Time

BE@T —Black Employees at Time Inc.

Hola@Time Inc. Hispanic & Latino Employees at Time Inc.

Hola@Time Inc. Hispanic & Latino Employees at Time Inc.

In addition, our titles are proud to sponsor events such as People en Español's FIESTA, a full day celebrating Hispanic heritage, music and culture in New York; Essence Musical Festival, the largest yearly gathering of African-American musical talent in the world; and Essence's Women Who Are Shaping the World Leadership Summit, an annual one-day conference designed to address the work-life issues that Black women are facing today.

Innovation propelled Time Inc. to its top spot in the magazine/content industry, and innovation will keep us there. Our ability to generate fresh ideas that ultimately transform into breakthroughs for our brands is what we do best.  Diversity—of talent and of thought—is a cornerstone of our values and a key to our present and future success.

Perks & Work/Life

Work Life Balance

  • Health Club Reimbursement- Employees are reimbursed for 50% of membership dues up to $700 per year.
  • Health and Wellness seminars- Seminars are held throughout the year on topics such as stress management, smoking cessation, nutrition and many more.
  • Health Services Department- The Department offers flu shots and holds health screenings such as mammograms, skin cancer screenings, and blood pressure screenings.
  • Work Life Assistance Program- Employees and their families can set up appointments with professionally trained counselors who are available to talk, offer short-term counseling, and if necessary, provide a referral for continued or specialized care. The Work-Life Assistance Program also provides resources and referrals for child care, elder care and other resources like pet sitters and education resources.
  • Back-up Child Care- Time Inc. offers employees free backup child care for when their usual child-care arrangements fall through. The center is available for children ages six weeks to 12 years, in the Time & Life Building, NYC.
  • Back-up Elder/Dependent Care- When your regular dependent-care arrangements fall through, Backup Care Options can offer either center-based or in-home care anywhere in the US.


  • Entertainment- Time Inc. employees receive discounts on movies, amusement and theme parks, theaters and more.
  • Museums- Time Inc. employees are able to enjoy substantial discounts at more than 20 museums, as well as performing arts centers and botanical gardens.
  • Magazines and Subscriptions- Each week various Time Inc. publications are distributed in the lobby of the Time & Life building. In addition employees are also able to receive substantial savings on gift subscriptions.

Programs and Services

  • Adoption Reimbursement- Time Inc. provides financial reimbursement to employees to help offset the cost of adopting a child.
  • Employee Referrals- Employees are able to receive a referral bonus when a candidate they refer is hired.
  • Affinity Groups- To help employees appreciate the strengths of our diverse workforce and encourage the development of our employees, Time Inc. supports four affinity groups:
    • A3: Asian American Association
    • BEAT: Black Employees at Time Inc.
    • HOLA@Time Inc.: Hispanic & Latino employees
    • OUT@Time Inc. GLBT employees and their partners, families, friends and co-workers

People Development

Time Inc.'s philosophy on people development is "It's a shared responsibility." Time Inc. managers and employees all share a responsibility for career development. Time Inc. provides a multitude of resources and development opportunities including:

  • Internal Career Training Courses including Management, Company Knowledge and Career Development
  • Internal Job Specific Training including Consumer Marketing, IT and Finance
  • Career Events & Seminars
  • Mentoring/Networking
  • Development Resources
  • Career Coaching
  • Tuition Reimbursement