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Time Inc. recognizes its responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and has been an industry leader in promoting the goals of sustainable development. For many years we have been proactively focused on forestry, recycling and climate change issues with a dedicated staff to promote these efforts. Our commitment to the environment and sustainability also means creating a durable business that provides jobs to communities, returns to shareholders and protects our natural resources for future generations.

This commitment to the environment is carried out by the following:

  • Addressing climate change by measuring the "carbon footprint" of TIME and In Style magazines. Following the publication of this report by the Heinz center, we have established reduction targets of green house gases for our paper suppliers.
  • Working with loggers, land owners, paper companies and governments around the world to promote sustainable forestry. In 2009 approximately 80% of fiber used in our magazines met the standards of Time Inc.'s Certified Sustainable Forest program.
  • Establishing a paper purchasing policy and an alliance with other major purchasers called the Paper Working Group. The Alliance encourages the forest products industry to adopt new standards for the way paper is produced.
  • Working with landowners and independent forestry certification organizations in a project that add almost 1 million acres to Maine's certified forests.
  • Establishing a strong reputation for covering environmental issues and creating attractive venues for advertisers wishing to promote environmental messages.
  • Co-sponsoring a Canadian wildlife habitat study with the University of Moncton and a key paper supplier to provide research on the effectiveness of new forest harvesting patterns.