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Food & Wine Introduces FWx: New Site For Food-Obsessed Millennials

New York, NY, February 27 – Today, FOOD & WINE launches FWx, a new digital brand and website for millennials obsessed with eating, drinking and everything in between. The FWx site connects users to the newest trends, most interesting places and all the secrets to having a good time.

“Younger audiences are consuming and sharing news constantly, so it’s with great excitement that we unveil a resource that will connect this passionate group to the kind of engaging lifestyle content they’re looking for,” said FOOD & WINE Editor-in-Chief Dana Cowin. Empowering peer experts from the start, FWx goes live with several marquee video series and calls on readers to influence episodes through social media.

These include:

• Cappuccino Cam: GoPro-powered baristas from cult coffee roasters show off their skills.

• #FWxRaps: Star contributor Justin Warner takes requests and creates fantasy food raps.

• FWxLabs: Editors take pitches for food experiments, like Will It Sear? Gummy Bear Edition.

FWx also expands FOOD & WINE’s contributor network of incredible chefs and culinary experts to include talents that are new to the brand like Twitter comedienne Julieanne Smolinksi (@BoobsRadley) and FWx logo artists of the month, starting with Broad City illustrator and digital design master Mike Perry. His doodles flash in the attached GIF.

“The FWx reader is fun, loud and informed. We’re the food and drink destination for the omni-stimulated,” says FWx Editor Alex Vallis.

Visit FWx at foodandwine.com/fwx and use #FWx and #FWxRaps to submit requests on Twitter @foodandwine.


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