We believe that supporting the communities we serve is about more than providing financial support. Our employees are active volunteers and mentors, working closely with organizations that serve the same people we do. For us, volunteerism is a part of who we are as a team.

Communities at Time Inc.

Along with our brands, our various community groups support diversity and inclusion, and provide opportunities for volunteering, networking, mentorship and cultural awareness among the Time Inc. family. These groups include:

  • A3: Asian American Association
  • BEAT: Black Employees at Time Inc.
  • HOLA@Time Inc.: Hispanic and Latino employees
  • OUT@Time Inc.: LGBTQ employees and their partners, families, friends and co-workers
  • WIT: Women in Technology
  • Media Upstarts: Emerging professionals at Time Inc.

Volunteering at Time Inc.

We are proud of the work our brands do to make a positive impact in the communities they serve. Throughout the year, our employees dedicate their time and expertise with projects that go beyond our everyday content.