Mobile Flex

Our Flex solution creates one high-impact ad for all mobile platforms and visual orientations — a dynamic approach that means you don’t waste time and money executing for various screens and operating systems.

Time Inc. Flex: Snapshots

  • Flex leverages the unmatched scale of our mobile audience — so you can position your brand next to in-demand content
  • 63 million users
  • 2.5 average monthly visits per user
  • 36% reach of total mobile universe
Source: comScore Multi-Platform, August 2014

Time Inc. Flex: What You Need to Know

  • Offers a suite of products based on the Full Page Flex, which Time Inc. helped develop in collaboration with the IAB
  • Allows infinite deployment variety for a single piece of creative, providing superior ad production economy
  • Is device- and screen-agnostic and makes campaigns truly multiscreen across mobile, tablet, online and socialt
  • Includes a full suite of innovative mobile solutions:
    • In-stream Flex: Placed in-stream on the page, with a second ad unit to complement the standard mobile banner
    • Auto-Flex: Auto-expands as a tablet user arrives at the page and includes a semi-transparent background


Video demos of Time Inc.'s latest mobile ad products