Point-of-Care Marketing

Our Targeted Media Health firm enables you to continually engage patients throughout their health care experience — reaching them at the right time and in the right environment.


Our services include:

  • Cover-wrap programs that feature top-tier brands like PEOPLE, TIME and HEALTH to reach patients at the point of care
  • Patient education programs that reach your target audience when they are most likely to be thinking about your product and/or service
  • Sponsorship of condition-specific editorial placements that put your message within special issue publications like HEALTH Magazine’s Healthy Living With … series
  • Custom digital, mobile and in-book opportunities that extend your message before and after office visits
  • We have been leaders in the healthcare marketing space for over 25 years.
  • TMH’s point-of-care network has relationship with thousands of physician care offices nationally.

Time Inc.’s Targeted Media Health: What You Need to Know

  • Get access to patients nationally through our point of care networks
  • Have your message delivered on a magazine cover wrap for one of the nation’s leading consumer brands, including:
    • PEOPLE
    • TIME
    • HEALTH
    • Real Simple
    • Sports Illustrated
    • Hyper-target your message to the audience most likely to need your product and/or services
  • Extend your program using best-in-class online, mobile and in-home magazine brands to surround your target audience throughout the patient journey
  • Enjoy the benefits of our Omnipoint software — proprietary research technology offering complex audience and market intelligence through a combination of third-party audience and market research, historical campaign performance, and real-time data

Time Inc.’s Point-of-Care: Contact Us

For more information, contact: John Kenyon, VP, Point of Care, at john_kenyon@timeinc.com.


Targeted Media Health

Targeted Media Health