Helping marketers understand and develop the kinds of content programs that will help them connect organically with our audiences around every consumer passion point.

Time Inc. Sponsored Content: Snapshots

Resources and expertise that set us apart and deliver value to you:

    • Time Inc. Editorial Innovation Studio: An editorial team that serves as an in-house think tank, in collaboration with our brand editors, to create relevant content for advertising partners
    • A Clear Native Approach: Develop native programs that engage our audiences, and are transparent and consistent with Time Inc.’s consumer experience and function
    • Scale: We provide advertisers with scale across content categories and platforms
    • Diversity: Our brands and audiences span every passion and interest: news, finance, sports, culinary, fashion, travel, celebrity, entertainment
    • Quality: Time Inc. is one of the few premium multi-title publishers executing sponsor-generated content as a standardized product
    • Expertise: Custom content teams with a track record of deep relationships with premier marketers

Time Inc. Sponsored Content: What You Need to Know

Among the native opportunities available to advertisers:

  • Sponsored Content: A collaborative, end-to-end native solution
    • From strategy to content creation to campaign management, Time Inc. proactively conceptualizes, produces, promotes and reports on its advertiser-backed content experience
    • Connect to relevant audiences on an authentic level through owned and earned media
  • Sponsored Placements: Scaled and exclusive native distribution
    • Integrate an advertiser’s message within Time Inc.’s consumer experience and visual design
    • Promote on any individual title or across all of Time Inc’s properties


A custom solution presented in an authentic context for USA