Your Audience. Delivered.

Both on and offline, we excel at pinpointing your target audience and delivering engaging ads that get noticed in your local markets.

We have smart solutions, next-generation technologies, and a team of targeting experts who have access to industry-leading research and multi-platform, premium inventory. Our 40+ years of targeting expertise—including a decade in digital—ensures that we precisely reach your target audience, without waste.

Time Inc. MNI: Snapshots

  • We engage your audience both on and offline with our premier media partners.
  • Our proprietary technology, Omnipoint, identifies your audience with scientific precision, and then delivers unique intelligence and efficiency to inform and uncover your optimal plan.
  • Our robust team of media veterans has the dedication and tools to get it done right, fast.

Time Inc. MNI: What You Need to Know


We utilize the latest targeting technologies across our premier brands for precisely targeted digital inventory that is never pre-purchased.

  • We have trusted relationships with premier national sites, local sites, and portals.
  • We leverage industry and technology trends, to bring you the latest advancements in mobile, video, native, social and programmatic.
  • We have our own unique suite of products to pass on to you. And we’re proud to be the #1 Local Ad Focus Network in the country.*
    • Local Network
    • Local Audience Network
    • Mobile Local Network
    • Ad Network
    • Video Network
    • Mobile Network
    • MNIx, our programmatic solution
* comScore, 2014.


We’ve made it easy to target with magazines the same way you target with digital.

  • We have eleven-lifestyle aligned magazine networks that are audience, contextually, and geo-targeted in 180+ DMAs for optimal precision. Extend engagement and increase interactivity with high-impact units or no-charge copy splits.
  • Our engaging and interactive magazine cover wraps reach specific individuals directly, using your custom list or our extensive data base.
  • Our premium offline partners span Time Inc., Meredith, Hearst, Forbes, Bloomberg, and many more.
In a world full of distractions, we make your message stand out.

For more information, contact:
Rob Moore
SVP Advertising, MNI

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