Advanced Optimization

Context matters — that’s why our Engage service starts with data on our 130+ million print, web and mobile readers. We combine that with proprietary research, industry benchmarks, client-supplied sales data and other client-supplied information to create precisely placed campaigns across multiple platforms.

So far with Engage, we’ve enjoyed 100 percent client renewal.

Time Inc.’s Engage: What You Need to Know

Engage offers:

  • An end-to-end consultative and executional service designed to provide unparalleled customization and unprecedented results
  • A partnership with advertisers and their agencies to determine the best levers for top results, analyzing:
    • Available research
    • Sales data
    • Other brand-specific insights
    • Our unparalleled consumer data
    • A customized media mix model, optimized against a specific campaign objective, across brands and platforms
    • Ongoing performance tracking, optimized in real-time to ensure continual alignment with relevant context and content


Rich data insights power optimized delivery and ROI for Toyota