Our Amplify suite bundles your message with our content to create a single digital experience that is able to target your ideal audience at scale across platforms, while optimizing delivery based on continuous analysis. Both the association with our trusted brands and the focus on context engage consumers more deeply and provide a demonstrable lift in interaction.

Time Inc. Amplify: Snapshots

Our Amplify suite:
  • Provides a dynamic and flexible solution for desktop, mobile and social
  • Extends distribution of sponsored content beyond the host site — making sponsorships portable to relevant audiences across the web
  • Offers editorial context that yeilds a powerful impact on interaction rate and time.
  • Is optimized for interaction, the most highly correlated metric for predicting buyer conversion, according to Comscore research
  • Watercooler version can update dynamically through the platform

Time Inc. Amplify: What You Need to Know


On Desktop
  • Employs large canvas ad units to engage consumers, allowing them to immediately interact with advertising and sponsored content
amplify_desktop_ew amplify_desktop_xfinity


On Mobile
  • Extends reach by targeting Time Inc. consumers and look-a-like audiences
  • Uses our branded content to provide a credible invitation for consumers to interact with the ad message
amplify_mobile_time1 amplify_mobile_time2 amplify_mobile_3


On Social    
  • Features beautiful and contextually relevant ads that appear as a Time Inc. branded post in the center of a targeted user’s newsfeed/timeline
  • Can link to both advertiser’s site and to sponsored content
  • Lives across web, tablet and mobile devices, leveraging multiple data targeting assets
  • Integrates naturally with premier branding
  • Allows almost complete customization and optimization through a socially-relevant, interruptive brand canvas
  • Drives virality through social context and engagements