Maximize your brand’s storytelling with Watercooler, our powerful platform for delivering deep engagement across all your content channels - paid, owned and earned. Watercooler connects you to our Time Inc. audience across all screens, amplifying the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Time Inc. Watercooler: Snapshots

    • Engineered to deliver enhanced engagement
    • Provides the platform that dynamically updates Amplify
    • Features responsive design, enabling users to seamlessly engage with your content across all devices

Time Inc. Watercooler: What You Need to Know

    • Step 1: We take your content strategy and work with you to aggregate - sponsored editorial, owned media and social content – into a campaign calendar.
    • Step 2: We curate the collected content into a simple, unified narrative that creates a dynamic and responsive experience that can live on your website, a vanity URL or as sponsored content on a Time Inc. site.
    • Step 3: We syndicate the curated content to the right user, on the right screen at the right time as Watercooler dynamically fuels the content on our Amplify units. From there we optimize audience, content and the surrounding environment and/or device to maximize engagement with your brand story.


An engaging, brand storytelling platform at scale for Citi