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We’re hiring an infographics editor at EW.

Show don’t tell. Writing teachers say it. Infographics editors live it.

Part creative, part data nerd, the infographics editor is a visual thinker who connects dots to tell us stories with simple, beautiful design. They’re protectors of logic and clarity, champions of new technology, and critical thinkers to the core.

They tell stories the way stories need to be told, switching between words, pictures, and an Excel spreadsheet seamlessly. They respect the tools of their world – Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop; JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Sound like you?

Are you:

  • An inventor: Obsessed with figuring out how things work and unpacking details to uncover truth
  • A designer: A lover of clean lines and simplicity; a hater of overcomplicated graphics
  • A connector: The kind of storyteller who connects one hundred (or one thousand) data points to tell big picture stories
  • A tastemaker: You wear your taste like a badge of honor. There’s not a cultural moment you don’t have a nuanced idea about; You consume books, movies, and series like fuel

We’re hiring an infographics editor for EW. Questions? Email careers@timeinc.com.