Do you #Kanban?

Our learning team creates programs, events, and workshops to help smart media people continue to learn. How they prioritize their work: Kanban.

Kanban started at Toyota as a way to prioritize assembly line production. Developers use it to prioritize workflow.   You can apply Kanban to any work you do. Create three columns:  
  1. Queue: Work that needs to be done
  2. Doing: Projects or tasks you’re currently working on. Set a limit: no more than say 5 (we’re cheating in the picture!)
  3. Done: Projects you finish

Move items from the Doing column to the Done column. Only when a task moves from Doing to Done can you grab a new task from the queue.

At the end of the week, empty the Done Post-its and refresh.

Supplies needed: Post-its, Markers, Work