Mentor Spotlight: Subhabrat Padhi, Director, CMS Product

Time Inc. employees have access to more than 80 mentors across the company. The mentors are leaders from a diversity of departments and backgrounds who volunteer to guide mentees in skills from effective leadership to design and project management. Meet Subhabrat Padhi, Director, CMS Product.

Why is mentorship important? 

Mentors are the Gargoyles of an institution. They have seen things; often look majestic sometimes scary or too intimidating. Some people think they look cool, some actually believe they guard the building from evil and more practically they act as water spouts to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building and hence preventing corrosion. Mentors are catalysts for inspiration and great conversations.

What's the most valuable lesson you learned from one of your own mentors? 

Always converse with colleagues as you would if you met them outside of a project scenario. Deadlines, project pressure or time should not change they way we talk to and treat each other

What's your career motto?

Work with a company where you can grow as the company grows.

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