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#WorkPerks: Digital Days at Time Inc. Birmingham

Our Birmingham office, which houses the Time Inc. Food Studios, uses Digital Days, an informal development program designed to bring creative editorial ideas to life for brands like Southern Living, Cooking Light and Real Simple. Originally created to share learning and teach skills, the studios team, which creates food content across over 15 brands, now uses the program to create new content in a week. Here’s how it works:

The studios team takes requests from brands across Time Inc. for food content such as themed seasonal recipes and creates working groups of six employees to form content teams. Each content team consists of a chef, prop stylist, photographer, fellow, digital content creator, and video specialist. All teams receive their assignments on Mondays, and have a week to come up with a creative content solution to their assignments, such as a video. Though they have a week to brainstorm, they have just a day to craft at least two pieces of content, ranging from Facebook Live experiences to gifs.

The benefit? The forum gives junior staff the chance to show off their skills while learning from and senior staff, while experienced editors have the chance to learn from Time Inc. fellows and junior employees.

Want to participate in a collaborative culture? Learn more about our open roles at our Birmingham office here.