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The Sports Illustrated Golf Group provides actionable insights to over 12.5 million golf consumers who engage with our brand each month.

Through our Top 100 Courses franchise, an expert panel of players, designers, and golf dignitaries identify and review the world's best courses, both public and private. The Golf Magazine Players Club, developed exclusively for golf and travel enthusiasts, provides consumers with unique experiences and golf access all in one place – delivering the best service in golf.

While our readers primarily seek to save strokes, they also get so much more from the Golf Magazine properties: ambitious features, vivid profiles, astute essays, and timely book adaptations. We distribute all of this great content across a variety of platforms, including a new weekly e-magazine, Sports Illustrated Golf+ Digital, which combines the news-driven ethos of our sister publication, SI Golf+, with the service-driven ethos of Golf Magazine.

91% of subscribers use instructional tips from GOLF Magazine

The Facts

  • As an extension of the SI Golf Group’s instruction content, My Pro To Go offers one-on-one coaching on-demand. Upload a video of your swing or stroke and receive an expert critique with personalized analysis!
  • The SI Golf Group’s Top 100 Teacher franchise identifies the game's best teaching professionals and employs them to craft behavior-changing stories and videos that feature innovative practice drills.
  • Through our ClubTest franchise, we recruit everyday golfers to conduct thorough equipment tests of thousands of clubs and balls.