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At Time Inc., we embrace change, particularly when it provides new ways to connect with consumers. Sometimes that has meant leaving others behind — like we did in 1993, a time when some journalists derided the burgeoning Internet as the “information superhypeway” and leery competitors stuck solely to print.

Time: Pioneer in Online Journalism

We became the first newsmagazine available online, giving AOL subscribers access to issues 24 hours before they hit newsstands. A year later, we debuted pathfinder.com as a portal for all our magazines.

While such digital services are unremarkable today, at the time we offered monthly online chats with editors, a customizable newsfeed and a feature that matched typed zip codes with recent Congressional votes.

Pathfinder soon drew 13 million readers, but when the rise of search engines shifted the landscape, we dropped the service and developed ever-more interactive websites for individual magazines — yet another step in our constant evolution.