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Yes, Time has an Oscar — though we wouldn’t mind another.

March of Time Newsreels

Our statue came in 1937, for the March of Time newsreels. The revolutionary format combined news footage of top stories with dramatic studio reenactments — eventually in 30-minute clips shown before feature films in more than 14,000 theaters worldwide.

The newsreels drew inspiration from a series of earlier, transformative radio partnerships. Unlike the era’s brief news bulletins, those early Time segments lasted 10 minutes and grew from there — initially read aloud, then in later years scripted into mini-dramas with sound effects and professional actors.

One of those performers, a young Orson Welles, found a way to thank us  — by parodying our newsreels and their signature booming narration in his film “Citizen Kane.”

March of Time

Half-hour short films which were shown before feature-length films in theaters.